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Want to make some extra cash from your van?

In a perfect world we could be off touring in our VWs, Bongos, motorhomes and caravans the whole year round. But in the real world this is not possible so our beloved vans are parked on the drive for most of the year.

But here at MotorPads we can help you cover the costs of their upkeep plus some spending money by helping you to hire them out. 


Where do I start?

We make it very simple.  Just open an account on this page then complete your van details our very simple online system. Add as many vans as you like if you’re lucky enough to own more than one.  Add as many high quality photos are you want too. And you can go back and edit it anytime you want to.


What do we do?

MotorPads can handle everything for you:

  • Put you in contact with large numbers of potential customers
  • Once you have agreed a hire we will take payment and hold on to the security deposit
  • Provide self drive hire insurance at a competitive rate – click
  • Provide you with terms and conditions for your customers
  • Be on hand to provide any advice – click

or for experienced hirers and website owners we can simply provide a steady flow of potential customers and you can handle the rest of the above yourselves.  We can help as little or as much as you require.

So how much do we charge?

You can list as many vans as you like for free on our site.  There is no requirement to be exclusive with MotorPads.

We charge a 10% commission on all hires that are agreed on this site.

Potential hirers will contact you via our internal email system. A hire date and price will be agreed.  

Then there will be two options:

  • Your customer will make payment for the hire or part-payment in the form of a holding deposit. From this our 10% commission will automatically be deducted.
  • If you wish to handle the transaction yourself, you will click that option and make a BACS payment for 10% of the agreed hire price.

If you have any questions please contact us here and we will be happy to advise you.


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